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Stored Value

  • Released v2 of the Loyal Patron Clover app which included performance improvements and bar code scanning for loyalty identification and redeeming digital eGift cards.
  • Enhanced card transfer logic to allow card transfers with the same or different membership class affiliation on source (FROM) /destination (TO) card IDs.

Scheduled Email Marketing

  • Added new TEXT block content blocks to the editing toolbar for ease in selecting title, paragraph body or bulleted/numbered lists blocks in the drag and drop interface.
  • Allowing the saving of email templates (Save New and Update Existing) to also save the Subject Line so it’s not blank every time you load a template.
  • Added support for {firstname} tag to be used in Subject Lines of scheduled email campaigns, not just inside the body of emails.
  • Added link to header of all scheduled email campaigns to offer viewers the choice to view the campaign in their device browser. 
  • Added two (2) new virtual subscriber lists for recipients from last campaign who viewed/opened most recent scheduled email campaign and those who did not view/open it. 

Automated Promotions

  • Added new Half Birthday automated campaign that delivers campaign with optional stored value bonus or digital coupon on patron half birthdays, specifically 182days from the patron’s actual birthday
  • Upgraded the Gift Load Bonus automated promotion to support the automatic issuance of expiring bonus gift value for gift cards loaded at the terminal or eGift cards purchased online. The value of the bonus is based on either a percentage of amount loaded or a fixed gift value amount.  
  • Enhanced error messaging in the Automated Promotions module to provide more clarity on resolving campaigns with broken {bonus} or {coupon} tags. 


  • Optimized metric and analytic queries based on findings of date comparison performance.

Membership Classes

  • Added user ability to support custom editing of theBuy/Join button label field displaying on membership splash pages.

Stored Value

  • Fixed bug in eGift Card RESEND mechanism introduced by fix to delivery mechanism.
  • Fixed bug in eGift Card Fraud Settings and enhanced rendering service to further prevent possible fraud via hacking.
  • Fixed message content substitution for dollar amounts on eGift card.
  • Added check for valid hash to eGift Card purchase page.